We are an independent private wealth management and financial planning firm acting as a true fiduciary to help you secure your financial future.

As an independent, fee-only wealth management firm, we strongly believe that all investors deserve a fiduciary level of care when putting their hard-earned money to work in the markets. We know that investing should be rewarding and that the best investments are bought, not sold. For that reason, Ascend Wealth Management does not rely on transactions, nor do we accept commissions. Our choice of investment is based solely on the quality of the offering. OUR FOCUS IS ON REAL WEALTH CREATION FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. 

As your trusted financial advisor, our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you by acting as your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We are here to help you make smart investment decisions so you can meet your financial goals, enjoy greater peace of mind and spend more time pursuing your life’s passions.  



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