The Firm

Ascend Wealth Management is an independent private wealth management firm that works with individuals and families. We provide the highest standard of care and ethics in the investment industry—a fiduciary standard—which means that our advice as your trusted advisor always serves a single purpose: TO BUILD FINANCIAL SECURITY AND WEALTH FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

We work closely with our clients in order to understand their unique needs, goals and risk tolerance. We then build customized investment portfolios of institutional-class funds designed specifically for long-term investors who are seeking an alternative to what is commonly available among the investment industry. Our strategy is based on sound, time-tested principles that have been confirmed by Nobel Prize-winning research and decades of empirical evidence. 

Our commitment is to manage your assets with an unwavering dedication to academic rigor, discipline, and transparency in order to achieve better investment outcomes while minimizing your costs, your risk, and your tax burden. 


We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, conduct a thorough review of your current investment strategy, answer all of your questions, and discuss how a sensible, evidence-based investment approach can provide you with greater prosperity and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your money is being managed with expert care. 

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